What is SSL Certificates? How much important for the website?

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What is SSL Certificates? How much important for the website?
Internet browsing becomes really horrible when it contains personal information. Entering a password, credit card number, or any personal information on the Internet can be really awesome - because it passes several computers to reach the server when you enter your information on a website? Any information you entered can easily go away to a hacker, and can you imagine what might happen? But there are many ways to keep your information secure on the website and SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is the best among them.

What is SSL Certificates?
SSL certificate is a digital certificate that you can buy from an institution or yourself. It creates a Secure Connection between your web browser and your web server. The details of your organization are tied in a cryptographic key. This certificate contains the name of the certificate holder, the serial number, validity, the public key of the certificate holder, and a digital signature are provided by the certificate company. Having an SSL certificate on any website means that you can trust this site, no hacker can track its information.
The certificate sends all your information to the webserver by encrypting it, and the web server does the same job. Suppose, you want to send money to a friend in a remote village, there is no mobile banking facility or internet. To transfer this money you may need a 3rd person. But if this 3rd person again gives this money to another one to transfer your friend it may more dangerous. But if you send the money in a locked box, no matter how much it is handed over, it will not be afraid to steal it - that lock will open only with your friend's keys.
SSL certificates work just like that. All of the information you have entered will safely reach the server. HTTPS can be seen at the beginning of the URL of all websites used by SSL. HTTPS is a mixed version of SSL and HTTP.

Where is it used?
This is basically used to create secret and secure connections between your web browser or mail client or mail server and web server. It integrates the identity of a website and encrypts all the information using SSL technology. The SSL certificate promises to make any web session secure. This means that any information you send can be reached safely to the website, and in the middle, no hacker or cracker can hack that information.
Generally, online banking websites, social network websites, email service providers, and any website admin who want to protect all the information about their users can use SSL certificates. If you have this certificate on your site, your customer or your user will get a notification in their browser, so that they can understand, your site can be trusted.
Websites like Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc and all online banking websites, use SSL - as all those sites deal with very sensitive information.

Is it necessary for your website?
In fact, the answer to this question depends on some facts, if you host a web server where people share their very sensitive and personal information, then it is best to use SSL certificate on your website. It not only safe users information but also increase authenticity about your site.

last word
It is really hard to trust a website without the SSL certificate, especially where you are going to enter any secret information. So if you have a big website, where the user information is delivered regularly, I will strongly advise you to use SSL, and believe that your users will also like your site.