What is Internet Cookies?

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What is Internet Cookies?
All of you about internet cookies may have seen anywhere or not. In any Internet browser, you may see options such as Allow Cookies or Delete cookies or Disabled cookies. But what does that mean? How it works or what its advantages or disadvantages. Before entering into a detailed discussion, keep in mind that these cookies are not eating cookies

Let's first talk about what these cookies really are. Cookies are actually some files that are stored in your Internet browser's cache memory. Now where these files come from? Whenever you enter a cookie enabled website and if your cookie is also enabled on your internet browser, that website will drop cookies into your browser cache. Cookies are commonly used to improve your Internet service standards. If you went to an e-commerce site like Amazon or eBay, or went to a ticket or hotel booking site, these sites would put their cookies in your internet browser. Now after installing this cookie your browser will send information continuously to that sites about what product you searched for more or look for a long time, and for less time.So that If you visit that website later the website then can show you the recommended results of that products. Think you were searching for a brand watch in Amazon last time, and cookies have gone to Amazon. Now whenever you visit to Amazon you will be shown more like this. You will be shown more products of the same price range also.
Internet cookies help them to improve the quality of service their for you as per your visit and activity on it. So that's a good thing. You might have gone to a website for the first time or made some settings, with the help of those cookies you will be able to get all the things like before. Again, you may be logging in to a website using your ID and password, if you have saved your ID and password in your browser, it is different, but if the website is enabled by cookies and you accidentally close that window, with the help of a cookie will get your ID and password again. In the meantime, good topics were found on internet cookies and we learned how these cookies improve our internet service standards. But some people think that cookies are stealing their personal data and internet activity data. If you think so, you can disable cookies. But in reality, some of the fears of these people are absolutely right.And the most horrible things are third party cookies.
Friends, you may have mentioned that many types of ads are available on many websites. Some of them are popup where on clicking 8 to 10 browser windows are opened automatically. Now the opened websites in those automated windows plan third-party cookies in your browser, all your online security could be destroyed. The cookies that are in your browser are not encrypted. This means, Internet cookies stored on your computer are in standard form, so there is no encryption. Although your ID passwords or other details are not stored in cookies but your login session is saved in the cookie. If it is a trusted website then it conveys only certain data from your internet browser from those cookies. But third-party cookies are not delivered data just from one site, but all data you have accessed will be delivered to a third party website. Also stole all your online login sessions. So what the online session is, when you login by entering your ID and password on any website, a login session is created in that website. And this session keeps the website in your browser cookies. If someone stole your cookie from your browser, then he will not need any other ID or password to login to that website. Sometime, when you do not logout after logging in to your Facebook account, it does not require any additional ID and password in the next time. You are automatically logged in there. Because Facebook keeps your login session saved in Internet cookies in your browser.In addition, if you have entered your email address, credit card number, your address etc. in any login session, then information can also be taken by third party cookies easily.
Hopefully you know everything about internet cookies, how it works and its benefits and maladies. It's good to have cookies coming from a trusted website, but blocking cookies from malicious websites or popup add-ons will be a good fit for your safety.