How does internet search engine or Google work?

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How does internet search engine or Google work?
Long ago, there was a quarrel between two people on one topic, such as who was the most popular artist of the year 1980? Someone says that he is also talking about who he is. A third party would have been asked if the two people had finished their hair. If the answer of the third party was not satisfactory then the books would be collected, newspapers would be seen! Oops ... have you? I understand that! It seems that is not it? Yeah, but what is it done now? After getting the popularity of the internet, the answers to any of the questions of the people are now giving search engines.
If you need any information or looking for an address or a cricket match schedule, just be sure to Bing it. And all of them will come to you. Oops ... I did not say Bing? Actually do Google, and you will get all the information. So this is a simple thing, do you have to post it again? Yeah, I'm assuming that it's very easy. But you know how these internet search engines work. How are the search engines so intelligent? Or how old search engines were? If you do not know, then start reading below, and if you are a great scholar, then you already know everything.

History of Search Engine:
The search engine does not follow any magic trick to bring the data you've searched for. In the Internet world, all modern computers are connected to each other. But there are millions of web sites in the internet world, so it is not possible to remember these names and everything. Some intelligent people thought that how to get all those things on the Internet more easily. In other words, they thought that it would be much easier if they brought the information in one place. And it will be possible to find out all the information. Yes, based on this idea, the search engine has been developed to make the Internet easier.First-time search engines were totally different. The search engines of that time were very much like a web directory. There were several websites on the list of different categories. But when the Internet's information store grew day after day and traffic was growing, then such web directory-based search engines were gone.Now the search engines is built in such a way that the search engines can track all the websites stored on the Internet. And all the information can be collected by the search engine itself. So this is how the modern Internet search engine is created.

How does the search engine work?
In search engines, the program that helps in collecting information is called bot or crowar or spider. Spiders automatically scan the contents of websites Such as keywords, titles, images, access frequency, ratings, spam content etc. Then Spider indexes these data in one place so that they can be found by searching. But collecting data is not the end of all. Search engines have to be intelligent. To be intelligent, search engines use special mathematical formulas or algorithms.
Modern search engines provide search results based on the content of the site, ratings and the content of the site, rather than just keywords. Using the search engine algorithm, it also brings the results of the appropriate keywords as well as the keywords you searched for.
So Google can think like you and understand your guess. Think you're searching for 'APPLE'. But Google will not give you an apple to eat , rather than it you give you the search result for Apple company. Because Google knows what results are you expecting for. Again if you search by "apples" then all creampie will come in front to you. This is how Google or modern search engines provide the best search results based on your search keywords and your search activity.
You have become wise about the search engine, right? Hey stand up! There are some more things still left to say. The best search engines such as Google keep all the information in their database. So that Google can give you the best search results when searching. Google also shows different advertisements based on its user and search keywords. So you can easily buy or know about it if you are interested in their products. Alternatively, you are offered alternative search results according to your interest. Because Google knows what you like and what you do not like.