What are the benefits of logging in with Google without a password?

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What are the benefits of logging in with Google without a password?
Login with Google without password? Is it possible? Recently it has been heard that Google is going to introduce a new method, so that the password will be released forever. Especially for Google accounts. You must enter your email address. Then a special temporary code will be sent to your mobile phone. By registering you will be able to log in to your account. For Google accounts you will not have to remember a password differently.
We know how much problem the passwords issue is. It's a big password to remember, and on the other hand the password is lost and stolen always remains. I think the real purpose of logging in with temporary code is to get rid of the password forever. Moreover, it is possible to get rid of stolen password from phishing or fake pages when there is no password. You enter your username and password in fake websites and they steal your information and they do the next thing with them. They could not logged in to your account as you are logging in by a temporary code.
So logging in to Google is more secure than password without using password. Although I think this method is not absolutely Foolproof. If someone has the right realistic idea then he can login with a temporary code by man-in-the-middle attack. But I will say that the temporary code is more secure than using the password.
I think it's really an excellent technique. I know for a long time people are thinking of getting rid of the password. Moreover, many do not know how to create a more secure password. Many of us use a lot of easy-to-use passwords to remember. It is possible to break into a few minutes by specially designed computer programs. I think the only cause for this disadvantage is to use two-factor authentication.
The two-factor authentication is actually very safe but you have to use password.In two-factor authentication you must have to enter the user name and password. Then a temporary code is sent to the mobile. But the new rules do not require your password. It's just a unique code. Which will be sent to your mobile.Nowadays, we always use mobile phones. Then why not use this mobile phone as a password? Anyway, I think you should use two-factor authentication in all your important accounts. Especially your Google account and Facebook account so that if anybody steal your password for any reason, will not able to log in to your account.

Logged in by temporary code or two-factor authentication, which is more secure?
In response to this question, I would say that Yes, Two-factor authentication is more secure. Because this is two factor. But if you're a bit lazy, then logging in via the temporary code will be your first choice. Because you do not have to remember any password. And it's still safe, because this code is temporary.I think we will forget to use the password in the near future. Temporary code will take over the password. However, there will be some problems behind this. For example, when I use my phone as my password, if is it stolen, he will not have to do anything to get into my account.Then you can ask me what is the safest way to protect accounts? I would say, use a strong password, and use the password that you have never used before. And use two-factor authentication. Currently, all major Internet service providers will have the advantage of using two-factor authentication.

Believe it, the logging process is going to be quite popular within a few years by temporary code. Then you will also forget to use the password. And log in to Google and other accounts without password. However, today's subject was only so far. I hope you like it very much. Yet, how do you tell me to comment. I am really interested to know your opinion.