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How to prevent copyright infringement and protect your site from hacker

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How to prevent copyright infringement and protect your site from hacker
The internet is full of dangers. Hackers and bots try to attack websites every day. At zhost.eu.org we do not lean back and we do not just let this happen to our customers, but we use a proactive attitude to protect your website and our servers against this. In this blog post you can read about a number of measures we have taken.

Automatic scanning and removal of malware
After a hacker or bot has gained access to your site, the first step that is often taken is to place malware on your hosting package. These are one or more files with which a backdoor (a “backdoor”) is opened. The hacker can then abuse this back door to, for example, send spam, carry out attacks on the internet, download data from your website, or to modify your website. To prevent malware placement, we scan every file that is placed or modified. We check whether the placed or changed file then occurs in a database containing all known and commonly used malware. If so, we will immediately delete the file from your hosting package and place it in quarantine.

Notification when it's time for a software update
Many websites are built with popular content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. New versions for these software packages are regularly released. These new versions not only add new features, but also often close security holes. These leaks can be exploited by hackers to gain access to your hosting package. It is therefore important to regularly update this software to the latest version. For the most commonly used software, we will keep an eye on which version you are currently using and whether an update is available.

Patching security holes
Sometimes you do not immediately have time to update software such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla when a new version is out. To prevent the known security holes from being exploited by hackers, we patch them for you. We often do this within a few days after a new leak has been published. We do this automatic patching for the 40+ most popular software packages.

Login security
Some hackers try to access your website or email by guessing the password. They do this by often trying with many different passwords. After too often incorrectly logged in, we temporarily block the IP address for logging in. This way we prevent hackers from guessing the password by trying it endlessly. Of course it can happen that you accidentally log in incorrectly too often. You can then unblock the block via this page on our website .