What is a domain name?

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What is a domain name?
In this era of communication, the Internet-based connection was developed in an unprecedented way. Human interconnection with people grew tremendously. The credibility of information and communication systems is a little more for all of this. All the tasks like audio calls, video calls, and posting photos to Instagram or Facebook are now internet based. But to know how these things are working, we need to understand some basic terminology on the Internet. So let's go.
The sites where most of the time we spend are Facebook, YouTube or Google, these are actually the names of the domain. The actual domain name of Facebook is facebook.com Just like YouTube or Google's real name are youtube.com and google.com. Each domain has two parts. one is its 'name' and other its 'level'. For facebook.com, Facebook is the name and the next word after the dot (com) is its level. The interesting thing is that only one unique domain will be registered at a level. Consequently, 2 domains with the same level can't exist. Meaning, you can never buy a domain named facebook with the level dot com. The domain actually represents the name of a website.
There is also a mystery behind this domain name. Due to the evolution of the Internet, we experience different identities of different servers. This resulted in the identification of every server with a unique IP address of twelve numbers. This is called Internet Protocol in short IP address as it maintains a rule or protocol. Due to too many servers are developed, it is difficult to remember of this IP addresses. Then the Domain Name System (DNS) was being developed. It helps to convert the IP address to remenbareble name and connect the IP with the name. An IP such as Facebook IP ( is hard to remember. But facebook.com is easy to remember. In fact, this IP is the identity of Facebook.

How will the domain name be?
According to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the domain name may be the following.
1)Will be Roman font (lowercase) ie a-z
2)Can be any number from 0-9
3) There can be one or more hyphens within the domain name. Eg: my-domain.com or this-my-domain.com. Hyphens may not be in front or behind (such as www.mydoamin-.com or www.-mydoamin.com) and two Hyphens cannot sit beside (e.g. my--domain.com).
4) A domain name can't be associated with any special character (eg: my#domain.com).
5) The domain name can't be more than 63 digits, with the combination of letters or numbers and its extension.
6) The domain name can't be below three digits. For example, you can't register a domain name like go.com. For this, you have to contact ICANN.

How to get or buy a domain name:
If you want to create a web site, then you must need a domain name. And the other thing is hosting to host your site on the web. You need to buy both of them. There will be hundreds of web sites from where you can buy a domain or hosting or both. They are called hosting sites. Some of them sell both domains and hosting in the same site some sell only domain or hosting. However, there are some web sites that sell only domains such as freenom.com. You have to spend $ 8-10 every year to buy a domain from these sites. There are various payment systems. PayPal, MasterCard or local payment system. You can buy these domains from one month to a maximum of 2 years. But these prices are according to the domain extension. For example, the cost of .net domains is lower than .com domains. There are some sites where you can get a free domain.

Do I need a domain and hosting at the same time:
Yes, Suppose you need to buy oil from the market but you do not have the pot. If you buy oil, you also have to buy the pot. Similarly, if you buy only pot, there will be no work. Only buying any them is nothing but to loss money. There are some free hosting sites. Such as zhost.eu.org.

Do I have to buy both domains and hosting from the same site:
No, If you want, you can purchase a domain from one site and hosting from another site, then you can connect them later. But to avoid a hazard, many people buy a domain and hosting from the same place.